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Hongtai Refractories is committed to exporting various refractory materials, thermal insulation materials, refractory raw materials and metallurgical auxiliary materials. Our company has a complete production system and quality management system, which is a comprehensive refractory company that set manufacturer, trading and engineering service as one.

Our products are mainly used in steel plants, cement kilns, lime kilns, glass kilns, carbon plants, non-ferrous metal smelting plants, incinerators, refractory and abrasive production plants, etc. Hongtai Refractories now has 5 production lines and the total annual capacity of us is about 100,000 tons. The detailed annual capacity of each kind of products is as follows:

● 20,000 tons of silica bricks, zero thermal expansion bricks and other silica refractories.

● 20,000 tons of fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, acid resistant bricks and other alumina refractories.

● 10,000 tons of all kinds of shaped silicon carbide products and graphite products.

● 10,000 tons of light weight silica bricks, clay insulation bricks, light weight mullite bricks, alumina bubble bricks and other insulation bricks.

● 50,00 tons of ceramic fiber products.

● 10,000 tons of WFA, BFA, black and green silicon carbide powder and other raw materials.

● 25,000 tons of monolithic refractories and metallurgical auxiliary materials.

Hongtai Refractories has always insisted on promoting the quality of products through scientific research and development, and has long-term technical cooperation with the institute of high-temperature materials in China to jointly develop new and high-quality refractory materials. In addition, we will regularly participate in exhibitions at home and abroad to obtain the latest news of related industries, and at the same time strengthen contacts with our customers to provide them with more professional and effective services.

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